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All About New Omega-3 And Emulsion Technology

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Omega-3 fatty acids are a group of unsaturated fatty acids that cannot be produced by our own bodies. More and more studies show that too low intake of these omega-3 fatty acids can be associated with a series Western chronic disease, both physically and psychologically: overweight, cardiovascular disease, depression, Dementia, ADHD. Moreover, it appears that the omega-3 fatty acid DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) plays an important role in the development of the eyes and the brain in children. We cannot recognise that humans have a relatively large amount of brains compared to their body size compared to other primates. The dietary pattern (rich in unsaturated fatty acids) of prehistoric man would be at the basis of our evolutionary advantage over other great apes. In the last tens of thousands of years our genes have changed little in strong contrast to our diet. The answer to the question “should we eat like a primitive man?” (Flanders ‘ FOOD article 05/04/2012), is therefore largely “yes”. However, this does not mean that we all have to go back to catch fish. New technologies allow them to incorporate these essential fatty acids is our contemporary diet.

Oxidative instability

One of the biggest challenges in the processing of omega-3 fatty acids is the oxidative instability of these compounds. The many double bonds in the carbon chain of the omega-3 fatty acids make these nutrients susceptible to oxidation with fishy taste abnormalities as a result. The risk of oxidation becomes even greater if this omega-3 oil is heated during food processing. Fortunately, there are techniques to make these omega-3 fatty acids less susceptible to oxidation.

Current techniques

Antioxidants are added to the oil to reduce the amount of free radicals.

Polar impurities can be removed by steam deodorization or an earth treatment.

Spray drying of the omega-3 oil with other materials gives as end result a powder in which micro droplets of oil are encased. Processing of this powder in foodstuffs can give rise to a sandy mouth feeling. In addition, the spray drying is done at a higher temperature with risks to oxidation and taste abnormalities as a result.

Freezing drying has the advantage of being able to encapsulate the omega-3 oil at low temperatures. Although, the result of this process is a porous, spongy structure that allows the oil to oxidize easily.

Omega-3 oil can also be encapsulated in an emulsion to reduce contact with oxygen, spore metals and other substances that can lead to oxidation of the omega-3 fatty acids. The materials for this encapsulation can be either other fats or polysaccharides or proteins. The result are microcapsules that are relatively large and which can easily settle in low viscosity foods as a result.

New OMEGA-3 emulsion technology

As a result of all the abovementioned difficulties concerning the incorporation of omega-3 fatty acids into foodstuffs, Croda developed a new emulsion technique that encapsulates the omega-3 oil in a complex of milk proteins. A mixture of whey and casein proteins is heated to form a complex structure with great molecular weight. This complex of milk proteins forms the interphase between the oil and water phases. The oxidation of the omega-3 oil is prevented by the antioxidant capacity of the 2 milk proteins. The Fosfoserylgroep on the casein protein and the Sulfhydrylgroep on the whey protein capture free racidalen and bind metals that could otherwise initiate oxidation. In addition, the unique combination of whey and casein proteins provides superior emulsifiërende properties of the omega-3 oil in the water phase.


A Spanish study recently indicated that cheese is an interesting food product to enrich with omega-3 fatty acids. Also Croda’s Omega-3 emulsion technique was applied in cheese. The study showed that taste abnormalities by oxidation of the omega-3 oil occurred much quicker in cheese where simply omega-3 oil was added compared to cheese where the omega-3 oil was added in the form of microcapsules containing milk proteins.


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Difference Between 4K and HDR

Difference Between 4K and HDR : Is ultra HD the same as HDR

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4k and HDR are the terms which is in so much trending among people since PS4 pro and Xbox One X.but do we know what are 4K and HDR? What is the difference between 4K and HDR? SO, here are the complete details.

What is 4K?

Concerning consumer displays, 4K equates to 3840 x 2160 resolutions of the panel. This means the 4K screen will display 3,840 horizontal pixels and 2,160 vertical pixels. When you multiply these number together, the user will get a display with having more than the combination of 8 million pixels. This is what four
3840×2160 = 8,294,400 pixels
1920x1080x4 = 8,294,400 pixels

The 4K came from the facts when the Hollywood film industry reached to a pixel resolution of 4096×2160 standard, which is a 1.9:1 aspect ratio but since most of the home screens and TV still uses a 16:9 ratio, then the resolution came down to 3840*2160p.

Why should people go for 4K?

According to a report it has been revealed, that majority of the homes have a 4K capable TV. Regarding quality of the picture, the increased resolution provides image clarity and sharpness. It also allows for more extensive panels since 1080p display stretched across a large surface will begin to look blurry with low pixels density.

Is there a lot of 4K content?

Nowadays, most of the blockbusters movies are offering 4K Blu-ray discs. 2160p is becoming more widely available on some of the streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, Vimeo, and Youtube. Some of the high profile 4K Vimeo shows include Jessica Jones, House of Cards and Daredevil.

What are the issues facing in 4K?

Apart from a small library of 4K CONTENT, the user will also need to have a good internet connection for a 2160p stream video. Furthermore, 4K is four times sharper than 1080p.

What is HDR?

HDR stands for high dynamic range. We all have heard about it in cameras, but when it comes to screen technology, there is a twist.
When cameras are shooting in HDR quality, then they are typically taking different exposures to highlight the dark and light information in a scene. And then processing is used to combine the exposure into one picture to provide a right image that is more representative of how we humans perceive light and color.
HDR on Television also aims to represent colors more realistically; it merely uses panels that offer a much more comprehensive range of color gamut as compared to standard RGB Television. According to a report, HD can expand the color gamut by two factor which amounts to more than 75% of visible color spectrum beam.

Why should one go for HDR?

When it comes to image quality, HDR increases the contrast between black and white over the traditional RGB screens. This means that white will look like super bright and black will look like very dark. Colors will look much more vibrant. For example. Onscreen fire effects will seem much warmer. This is a technology which is more noticeable than the upgrade from 1080p to 4K.

Do all 4K TVs support HDR?
No, many of the HDR TVs support a 4K panel, but not all 4K TVs supports HDR. Both of them are separate technologies.

What will I need to enable HDR?
Apart from HDR capable TV, you also need an HDR capable player and HDR movies or shows. Regarding consoles Microsoft Xbox one supports HDR. Moreover, the PS4 Pro supports HDR. Microsoft upcoming new project also will also go to help HDR. To make HDR working, you also need an HDMI 2.0 cable for connection.

Is there a lot of HDR movies and shows?
No, not right now. HDR movies and shows are still in a state of infancy when compared to 4K, but both Netflix and Amazon are working to provide more HDR shows and movies. Some of the existing HDR shows include Marco Polo and Daredevils.

Is ultra HD the same as HDR?

No, both are different. With HDR should not be confused with other big TV of the moments UHD which is also popularly known as 4K. Both UHD and HDR are meant to improve the viewing experience, but they both are different technologies with almost no overlap with each other. It is a matter of quantity and quality.

What is an HDR pro?
HDR Pro is mainly a term which is used for HDR1. LG, which is the second largest TV OEM producer in the world, has launched its entire lineup of 2018 of both OLED and Super UHD LED TVs with the support of Dolby Vision globally.

Wrist Exercises For Gamers

Gaming Skills Tips : Wrist Exercises For Gamers & Other Tips

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The video game prowess is like any other sort of ability you have, from playing the piano to throwing a ball it is same as a perishable skill. Always play regularly and often and you will be on the top of your game on a consistent basis. Take some days, and you will see that there will be an extended period of ‘finding your groove’ before you reach your comfort zone again and then get back into the area. So, here we have six tips that how you can increase your gaming skills:

Information is power

To be a perfect game, first of all, you need to understand the game. You must have heard about that how when someone is ideal for baseball, soccer, etc. that they are a ‘student of that game.’ What this conveys is that they usually eat, breath and sleep the activity they are merely involved in and spend time away from playing field to read up on the action, get advice and tips and let it all feed into their brand.
The more and more you think about the game the more focused you get while trying to become a player because now you are both mentally and physically invested. The motivation is what makes the substitution between great competition online gamers and good casual players.

Watch and learn

That’s the reason why most of the sports teams watch a game of their opponents: to learn their strategies, learn more about themselves, spot potential weakness at the same time. That process can be easily applied to online gaming.
Find the videos of the expert players, and watch and learn from them. They tell you how to handle different maps in a game, what weapon loadouts work best, and some of the other great tips that will help you to push up your skills.

The right tools for the job

You can become one of the best guitar players in the world, for this, you need to be top tier equipment. For online gamers, this means quality video monitors, keyboard, mouse optimized for response time, and another cost of technology that will help level the playing field, because rest assured your competition is armed to the teeth with the best sort of equipment which money can buy

Video games and hand-eye coordination

Many people always thought that playing a video game is a waste of time, but a recent study has proved that video games bring fast responses and action. Multiple studies have shown a direct relationship between the use of video games and an improvement in motor skills.

According to the report, the tech history conducts an experiment which involved making a team of 18 gamers and 18 non-gamers, and both the sides have to play games which required them to use the mouse at first. Neither of the teams had an advantage over both the motor and sensory skills, furthermore, after a while, the group of gamers improved significantly compared to a side of nongamers. This report shows that people who play more video games can cultivate motor skills and also have an advantage in learning pattern.

There are lots of advantages of playing video games; the first aspect is to improve the hand-eye coordination and responses of surgeons. A study conducted in 2010 by Dr. Rolter and his teammates showed that medical students who played action type video games performed better on simulators that provide training for surgery.

This report shows that surgeons who played video games for more than four hours a week made 38% fewer errors as compared to the surgeons who don’t play video games. Playing video games before taking a surgery helps the surgeons to reduce the mistakes and complete the operation at a faster pace than the surgeons who don’t play video games.

The different studies conducted show that there is a profound impact of video games on both the sensory and motor skills. If this can be quickly well incorporated in training surgeons, or also helps students in understanding some of the particular concepts, I believe that it would show a drastic improvement in their skills.

Wrist exercises for gamers

While handing video controller, in hand or use a mouse, then thumbs and fingers get relaxed. When fingers get flexed, you are bringing two joints close together. While flexing your biceps and elbow joint comes close to the shoulder point. So, here are some of the exercises for gamers:

If you are a gamer, then it’s a great time to ball your fingers up(flex) and then merely extend them.

  • Massage your fingers and wrist.: you can do this at any time or even while during breaks between matches on the battlefield.
  • Joint Circles: in both the clockwise and anticlockwise motions simply rotate your wrists in a circular position. Perform this ten circles in each direction.
  • Wrist stretches are something many gamers or even keyboard warriors are used to doing at every point: To do these, just place your arm out straight with your hand flexed as if you were a traffic cop. Grab your fingers with the other side and gently pull them back towards your wrist until you feel a stretch the forearm and wrist. Try to do this activity for 30 seconds.
New Projects of Google

Seven Most Ambitious New Projects of Google

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For some of these futuristic projects here are seven most ambitious google projects and moonshot projects on the Alphabet.

First New Projects of Google is X Projects is delivery drones.

Project wing is Alphabets desire to replace your mailman with flying drones. A patent filed in October 2014 gave us a better insight as to how the project will run. The drones will know our package using a winch two tiny robots on the ground. These robots will then wheel the business to the safe holding the patient. Alphabets bands and releasing the don’t offer delivery service to the public in 2017. Google X runs this projects wings.

Moonshot Project : Smart Contact Lenses

Next up is intelligent contact lenses. The alphabet is pursuing smart contact lenses that are solar-powered and collect biological data about the wearer. Sensors embedded in the contacts could gather information about body temperature and blood alcohol content. The project is run by alphabets verified company which was initially named Google life sciences.

Internet Beaming Drones

On our list is internet beaming drones. Alphabet has two approaches to transmitting the internet around the world. Hot air balloons and drones. The tech giant bought Titan aerospace which makes the solar power drills that are built to fly non-stop for years. The Titan Aerospace Solara 50 has a wingspan of 150 feet and is equipped with 3000 solar cells which can provide seven kilowatts of electricity to stay airborne for five years. They can also take aerial photography. Project Titan on the Google run this drone project.


Mixed up with robots but turn after they acquire a ton of robotic companies in 2013. The one that stands out is Boston Dynamics. Boston Dynamics creates some robots inspired by animals to aid in milk reuse. The one pictured here is called the cheetah robot. The fastest robot in the world. The cheetah robot has a speed of twenty-nine miles per hour crushing a 13.1 miles per hour speed record set by MIT in 1989. You can see a list the founder with robotic projects here or robot projects are one as a part of replication which is controlled by Google.

Giant genomic storage services

The Google will store your genome in the cloud for $25. The purpose of this project to collect millions of genomes to aid in scientific research as MIT review reports. The system could assist in obtaining cancer genome clouds that would allow scientists to share information and run virtual experiments. Google X also runs this projects.

Gurus project to cure death

Mixed up gurus project to cure death. This project is one of The Tech Giant ambitious projects. The research being done has been very harsh, but we know researchers are looking at things like genes that correlate to longer lifespans insure people. Calico, a company, runs the project under alphabet that stands for California light company.

Artificial Intelligence

The next on our list is artificial intelligence. The deep mind which is the company’s AI research firm hold on the Google as a traditional product. In January googly-eyed it’s a human at an elaborate game of going for the very first time to play and win Atari 2600 steam without any prior instruction in 2015. More recently a company’s AI system was able to successfully navigate the maze on the computer game the same way.